While going through the pandemic, I was spending more time in the mountain cottage far away from the city rather than an atelier in Tokyo.

There I devoted myself to the books by Eliot Porter and Naoki Ishikawa, which made me realize the beauty of the mountains transforming its appearance.

This awakening led to the various original textiles in deep colors or with the botanical patterns in this collection.

A season inspired by the photo book "*Manaslu / NAOKI ISHIKAWA" hosted by Yosuke Aizawa.


*Manaslu is a 8th highest mountain in the world at 8,163 meters, located in the center of Nepal. The name
Manaslu is derived from Sanskrit word manasa, which means “spirit”.

Naoki Ishikawa made it to the top of Manaslu for the second time on September 28th in 2022, after his
first success in 2012.

The new photographs from his second trip to Manaslu in 2022 are added to the book “Manaslu” published in 2014.